Yours truly has been into radio in all it’s different forms since 1980, fresh out of High School, 1979. I began my love affair with radio with a simple hand-held CB radio and it’s magnetic mobile antenna on the roof of my Pontiac. This quickly escalated to full blown CB radios and Liner Amplifiers (totally illegal to this day) in my car.

In time, I obtained an Amateur Radio License and explored the many new modes of transmission and all the fun that comes with it. I have made sure through the years that my license was never allowed to expire, and that every time I change address, the license is maintained. I worked too hard for that license to let it lapse.

My radio hobby was well accepted through marriages one and two but for whatever the reason, I felt uncomfortable in the hobby with marriage number three, hence I’ve been off the air for nine years or more but staying in contact with some of this on-air friends vie the web. Shame on me, really. All that said, this photo shows my return.

My meager return into the hobby I have loved since High School. Shame on me for allowing anyone to crop things from my life like this, and on me too. If I still had a house, I’d be all over getting a 100 foot tower erected, and some vertical (omni-directional) and directional antennas up there. But that’a different story. Move forward, go ahead.

These radios are for different frequencies. Last to right they are – a 2 metre, 440mhz dual band transceiver. Then, a Motorola FRS and GMRS radio. Then, a Motorola MURS five channel radio. Last and not least is a highly complex portable radio scanner. Much too complex for any noobs to the hobby. But a labor of love to this old fart!

Explaining in detail all of the complexities of these devices would be better done in person, I have years of experience with these radios. It’s been so exciting getting back into my hobbies, I feel as though I’ve been a bit robbed of this, yet of course I have been compliant as well. That’s all I have for you tonight.

At this moment, I plan on getting my lazy bum moving north by northeast for the Valley Of Fire park and points in between. I hope to bring back some great photos for you later tomorrow, photos I always send to my kiddies too. They want to come visit! Check back tomorrow won’t you?

The last radio on the right is a Shortwave radio receiver which also receives the FM Broadcast band with which we are all so familiar with.

The photo is under-exposed but please click it…


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