Trekker Night

A friendly howdy to all Star trek fans young and old. Something a bit different for you. It’s a dandy night to stay in, drink some cold ones and goof around with the iPhone and all the photo apps I’ve not been using at all the last few weeks or so.

I used my iPhone SE to get these images from my TV, a special camera app and then transferred the photos to my Mac Air via Google Drive. I then used PhotoScape X and the NIK software to trick these up just a little bit.

I hope you enjoy my photographic trickery tonight, just for fun!





Those are my new house shoes, attached to those hot legs!!

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    1. That’s great!! Not sure my dad watched with me but I was a fan from day one. The original series is run every Friday on BBC America now, along with the TNG series. Yay BBC!!

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