Another Wind Storm…

Yet another windstorm has befell Las Vegas Valley. Outside my meager apartment, the wind is making a kind of grinding sound as it blasts past my fireplace outlet. Projected possible wind speeds were around 45MPH for the most part but could hit as high as 65mph. Why? Another Low Pressure Center approaching from our northwest.

This is actually typical weather for the valley, yet the Monsoon season brought almost zero rain as compared to the 2013 season. Yet another reason Lake Mead continous to drain away. High winds are in no way unusual to Las Vegas Valley. I love the high winds, but in no way condone the damage…

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    1. Oh yes, it’s all passed by now Lorna, thanks! Part of my job every morning is cleaning up the property around the building. After this storm, it was the worst mess I’ve seen to date.

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