Trying The Lens Hood

Early today I drove way east on Sahara to my favorite camera shop, too early. I was an hour and a half too early! Being close to the Strip, I chose to drive toward it a couple miles more and got the photo of the Trump Tower and a dandy close up of the top of the Stratosphere too. Later, when I had the new lens hood for the 18-55mm lens I took a ride to the edge of Red Rock Canyon and snapped some photos of the Strip from afar.

I have to say I can see a bit better contrasts in these images, now if I could just get my hands on the hood for my 70-300 lens. I’ve searched far and wide on the internet for one. They all say the unit is not currently available, ggrrrr. I hope your having a nice Sunday. I’m off work tomorrow as well and am once gain going downhill to the Strip to get something different. I won’t be walking far so ops will be limited. Happy Sunday, what’s left of it.

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