Meet My Daughter

This photo was taken in Michigan many years ago, probably around 2005 or so. She still dearly loves her big male horse shown here so very much. I happened across the photo earlier today, thought to reduce the file size and sent it to her via text a bit ago. The dots are snow falling.

She has the same photo at home. Time flies. An old saying says that time is the fire in which we burn.Β As I age, this saying is becoming more true to me as the years roll by all too quickly. Nothing lasts forever except God and the Holy Trinity.


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            1. If I may say so, oh hell yes. She has been dating a man nearly ten years her senior. She was so worried that the age difference would seriously piss off her dad. I gave her my blessing, having met this man before a few times, he is not some sicko. He dearly loves my little princess. They have my blessings…

  1. A beautiful photograph of your daughter – you can sense the relationship between your daughter and the horse. Couldn’t agree with you more about time, flies right by.

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