Air Power

There’s been an awesome air show at our local Nellis AFB today and yesterday and I am so blown away. I’ve seen some of these aircraft from the WW2 era in Palm Springs at the museum. They are for me, like beautiful antique cars from the early 1900’s, works of art that will never be built again. I have fancied all kinds of aircraft most of my life, concentrating on the evolution of commercial aircraft that you and I have flown for so long.

To see these iconic and beautiful aircraft flying directly over my head today actually gave me chills! There were too many to mention. But this particular aircraft really grabbed my attention. The sound it made passing overhead so very low made my eyes tear up a bit. I am not sure which aircraft this is, but it is a beautiful piece of history and a work of art in my mind. God bless the men and women who built and used these aircraft to make possible our country.

There’s so much more I could say from this point but that would become just more political crap about how many Americans today believe that they deserve everything handed to them by our government, on no less than solid golden platters. Sorry children, but you are living a complete lie. Nothing good is easy, nothing good is free. Please click the photo.


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