I’m An Early Riser

myeyesBut it was heavenly to roll off the bed at eight AM this morning! Thank God for a couple days off. Ahhhh… I feel so much better now. It’s totally amazing what some extra sleep can do for the body and the mind. Sharper and more energetic. So what to do today? Clean my very dusty little space! The AC and ceiling fan have been off for a while now since the summer heat has gone for the year. So where is all the damn dust coming from!

I really can’t figure out where it’s coming from. I have to move the couch every time I clean the place. It’s not the fireplace either… I really dislike cleaning since I do tons of cleaning at work, it’s my main job there among other details. OK, just stop crabbing about it and do it!

I’ll take a joyride into Red Rock Canyon later today, a place you’ve all seen here too many times before. On another note here whilst I’m totally subject-hopping, I’ll be flying back to Michigan in December for the family Christmas. I’m excited to see everybody, my kiddies and dad. And the rest of the crew! My round trip flight was a steal at just $265 dollars. Which leads me to say that I’ve been going round and round in my skull with this stay or leave thing.

Should I stay or should I go? Go back to Michigan and enjoy the bugs, high humidity, almost no sunshine most of the year and of course, endure the bitter cold winter. I’ve been through more than fifty bitter Michigan winters. I’ve been through three lovely Las Vegas winters. I’m no longer acclimated to Michigan’s climate which is proven true by the fact I’m seriously cold at just sixty degrees.

Is it selfish to stay here in terms of my kids? They feel abandoned, to be honest and I’ve admitted feeling bad about that to them both. My dad is very old and I miss him so much. We stay in touch. My sister? That’s a totally different thing. We don’t see things the same shall we say. As you can see, I’m swimming in a pickle. A jar of pickle juice!

I love living in Las Vegas, sans the damned traffic. I really don’t want to be frozen again. Seems the best reason for me to move back up north would be for the family. But what about me? Since divorcing, my finances have improved greatly in spite of a monthly obligation. Technically, I could fly back up there every other month or so.

I’m being pickled, day by day…

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    1. I had the exact same thought!! It’s so far the best option for me should I choose to stay. Two years ago aye? I remember you moved from Miami to North Carolina a while back.

              1. Yes the majority population population now. But not refugee. Up scale yuppie 3rd generation and run much of the political and social infrastructure. I’ll give’m credit for the food though. My assessment is that all the particular race/ethnicities are fairly polarized and everything seems a competition of me or you mentality and a person of my subset of a population just doesn’t belong there anymore. It’s bumper to bumper traffic and they are still building and nowhere to park. All the old European ethnics gone now and I suppose demographics are changing nation wide. Corrupt ? You can believe that. I think global warming flooding will make much of Miami Dade county uninhabitable in 50 years or so. Unless it becomes like windmill Netherlands.

                1. I’m glad you didn’t take my comment a a racial statement, none was meant. Thank you for correcting my misconception Carl. I have never and never will believe in the global warming scheme. I see it as no more than a world wide scheme to control the masses. I believe it is no less than human arrogance to believe that humanity could do anything that would compromise this planet. Earth will always recover from anything we toss at it. I’m not saying that you are an arrogant person, Carl. No insult intended!

                    1. Thank you sir. I stay totally away from politics and such, for the last three years or so. Don’t need anything to ramp up my already bad BP!! 😬😑

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