The Next Photo Target

No photos today, since purchasing my new Nikon, I usually take the camera with me every day in the car just in case a cool photo op presents itself. Mostly, that doesn’t happen since driving and snapping photos won’t always work well together but hey, I may get lucky. I snapped so many photos at Hoover Dam the other day, I actually tossed many of them away and archived those that were uploaded both here and on my Instagram pages.

I’ve gladly got Sunday and Monday off work. Whew! Been so tired and I actually grabbed a short nap this afternoon after work, a very rare thing for me. Must be that getting older crap. Anyway, I plan to go downhill to the Strip on Monday to try for some photos down there, something I’ve not done with the new camera. You could say I’m going to be a tourist in my own town, in what I see as the biggest tourist trap on planet Earth!

I really dislike the driving to and from the Strip thing. So many numb nutter drivers, both locals and out of towners who really have no clue that you can’t drive around Las Vegas like you are still driving down County Road 36 in Podunk Town, America. Drivers here drive fast and aggressively. Slow Pokers aren’t well tolerated and may be subject to horn blowing, being yelled at or receiving the middle finger treatment! We’ll see how I do in photos.

This is my new avatar haha!


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    1. Thank you for the nice comments!! I’ll go to the Strip tomorrow, it may be less nutty down there then I hope. Today is clean my apartment day and maybe a drive into Red Rock Canyon.

  1. Hi, glad you like it! I believe it was taken with the iPhone, then processed with iColorama a good while back. I am moving away from the Michigander thing a bit, did the same, kind of, on my IG account. Bit that still mentions my home state. I’ve been chatting with both my kiddies back in Michigan about my consternation about moving back up north next summer when the apartment lease is done.

    It’s a tough choice. I am alone here but I love the city, the climate and the beauty of the desert. What to do!!

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