Light Spot

Just a quick photo here from yesterday. I left early this morning for Hoover Dam and just got back. I had to use the kit lens as I felt the zoom lens wasn’t able to get the wider angles I wanted. Such a big difference between the 18-55mm lens and the 70-300mm lens! I’m sure there’s yet another lens in my future.

I shot 200 photos, it’ll be interesting to get them on the Mac in a bit to see what I have. Some will go on the site today, some tomorrow and the next day, I hope you like what I’ve captured. Otherwise, it’s been a fantastic day here in the valley with glorious sunshine and 75 degrees.

See ya soon.


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    1. Thanks so much Laura! I was waiting for the clouds to get out of the way to illuminate the entire valley but that didn’t happen. Turned around and this is what I saw. Turn around, you may just be amazed at what you can capture… !!

    1. So glad you like this Eva. Over the next day or four I will be posting some images from today’s visit to Hoover Dam. I’ve not been there for a year or so, it all looks the same of course but this visit I have the Nikon. I had to use the Kit lens at 18-55 for this view. My recently purchased 70-300mm lens seemed too much for this set. I will be reviewing other lenses now for a solution to this as the Kit lens works yet is a bit lacking in it’s capabilities. No surprise that Photography is such an expensive hobby!

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