I Wasn’t Going To But…

I’ve been buzzing around my part of Vegas most of the day getting needful things done as well as cleaning up my little apartment and getting my little buggy fully cleaned. Hasn’t had a bath since last month! Yet another low pressure system has swept across Las Vegas since late yesterday, bringing with it lots of clouds, and tons of wind! Another windstorm already, these last two blasts were very close together.

I decided to get out of the apartment around three thirty with the idea to find a location that would allow me to photograph the Strip and the rest of the valley. I had a rough idea where a decent location was but not specifically. There are new homes popping up like zits all over Las Vegas Valley. Room appears to be getting tight, hence the homes are creeping up the sides of the mountains and slopes. Ugh, I just do NOT want the greedy developers to build into Red Rock Canyon.

This photo shows the (largest building) South Point Hotel and Casino which is a good way south of the Vegas Strip proper. It’s a decent hotel, I stayed there a few nights a good while back. I have two more photos going up later this eve from today’s little shoot and a few more for tomorrow’s posts. I have been very happy with my new Nikon, the camera has certainly taken my photos up a few notches. See you soon.

Please click the photo for a better view – a sliver of light illuminates South Point Hotel


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    1. very much so Laura, tough decision regarding going back to Michigan next year or staying in Vegas, I love the desert and the warm climate here. Kids want me back but…

        1. I give situations like this plenty of time since I have it, to make the decision. This is now “my time”. I’m 55 but have two diseases. I love Las Vegas but miss my family back home way up north. Really don’t want to go back to bitter winters, and love the 100+ summers here.

            1. Well, in my native turf it can be from -10 to -40. A hell of a difference and I’ve become so acclimated that I am actually cold at 60 degrees. Three years living here has not done me well in that sense. Consider though that I have a bad heart and Type 2 Diabetes and become stiff easily. Ugh!!

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