Turtlehead Peak

This is a photo of Turtlehead Peak which was snapped from my car whilst waiting for a traffic light. On those days when I will be off work for the next couple of days, I sometimes take a random route home. A fun way to see places around Vegas I usually wouldn’t see. This photo was snapped at the intersection of Craig Road and Jones Blvd via my Nikon D3300. Click!


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4 Responses

    1. Thank you Eva, if you are familiar with turtle specie, this rock looks much like a Snapper turtle in my home state of Michigan. A formidable critter that can pop your finger off with one bite. Leave them be.

        1. I have zero doubt. I worked for a private couple for many years as lawn cutter and other jobs. There was a crick running through the lawn area on the north side, several times I would disturb the Snappers, they would usually scurry away to the bottom of the crick but I’d sometimes catch them on the lawn near the crick. Hiss! Snap!! Yeah, what ever. Have a stick and tap the shell. They run away.

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