Rocky Face

After work today I stopped by the apartment for a few and went into Red Rock to see what I could get. It has been both sunny and overcast today so I was on the hunt for some interesting play on sunshine and shadows on the rock faces. I liked this photo best. Happy Friday to you, I gotta work tomorrow. Bleh…


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    1. Thank you Katherine!! Nice to see you. Been wondering how you’ve been there. All is well here, the single life’s been so very king. Hope you’ve been feeling well. Just juggling with the decision to go home to Michigan next summer or stay here with 300+ days per year of sunshine… xx

        1. Hi!! Of course there is family to consider, but the other side is that I have my own life here. Believe me Katherine, there is much story behind this, it has to do with family. I am my own man here. Going home would in an odd way remove some of that anonymity. It’s complex.

          I long for a simpler past and future… But for now life is great. XX

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