Outta Photos…

Work keeps me pooped and not wanting to get out and about for fresh material to upload here. I am considering a short trip to the Strip for some street photos this Sunday or Monday when I’m off work, but it’s certain that I’ll be heading down to Boulder Dam (Hoover Dam) for something different this weekend.

I’ve not been there since last year and when I was a married man. I want to try my luck and skills with the new camera. Funny how I miss being behind the view finder! I’ve been taking the camera with me to work each day in case that magic moment presents itself. No luck yet… Stick around in case I get a really great photo?


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  1. I know what you mean. I’m almost out! Fortunately I have a camera club event tomorrow. I might be going to Yosemite with two girlfriends on Monday. We’ll see! Good luck with your strip shooting!

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