Lovell Canyon

Since I actually have today off work I decided to get the heck out and do something for a change. Camera bag in one hand and some food and drinks in the other, I headed for Lovell Canyon. It’s been raining here for a change, we need the rain so bad, but the low pressure system gives the mountains a very different face.

I snapped dozens of photos and once home, sat down to shuffle through them, pick out those I think are best and do my usual light amount of processing, just the basics. I am loving the new Zoom lens I recently purchased, it’s so nice to be able to reach out to grab the goodies I see far away in the distances.

There are twenty photos in this series, enjoy.

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  1. Yes, stunning indeed! I understand fully, that you’re enjoying your new lens. The weather really cooperated. They’re all fabulous, but I really fell in love with the first one.

            1. Indeed, my location is just below 3000 foot, the NWS seems to call for snow here above 4000 foot in winter but anything can happen. I am a few hundred foot higher than the Strip is.

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