I Have Arrived…

Stopping after work for a BLT and some fries, I was thought to be (whatever age this establishment believes qualifies as senior) a senior. The cashier dude who was also the manager said “your total is $$$$ after your discount. I asked, what discount? He seemed puzzled, I suppose he may have been thinking I was insulted.

Well, I wasn’t insulted and it’s not the first time either but do I really look sixty or older….


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    1. That’s a good point, Laurie. My now X wife thought coloring my hair was a bad idea. I have to think about that! Or just buzz it all off? Go full Chrome Dome!

    1. Oh Lord, I got that junk for a while too but it stopped after moving elsewhere in Las Vegas. I suppose they will find me again. Do you get the ones from the States too?

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