Twisted Vine

Ive been a bit offline the last couple days as I’ve had some security issues, not related to WordPress but with banking and my now old email. Several months back I was using that email to find work, which finally paid off but I’ll never look for work online again. I won’t give any details but there was an issue.

Gladly, I’ve got all of this under control before it got out of control. So, closing my old Gmail address means that all of the data I had stored in my Cloud account had to be downloaded before deleting the account which I did. It’s now been uploaded to my new accounts but some files were missing. Thanks Google.

Fortunately, I have a major backup of old photos, videos and other stuff backed up on two external hard discs. It pays to think ahead! All that stuff is now also back in my Cloud. Good thing because between work and my having to frantically work to save my security, the new Nikon D3300 has been safe in it’s bag.

I snapped this photo several years ago, camera unknown but it’s a beauty. This is one of many many vines and plants my mother lovingly tended to regularly. I suppose you could think of it as a little tribute to the finest woman this man has ever known. I miss you mom. Click the photo!