Photos From This Morning

I took an early ride down to Las Vegas Blvd today, going after aircraft photos from around McCarran Intl’ and an attempt to get a shot of our world famous sign located on the south end of the Strip. The sign parking, located in the middle of the boulevard was packed as always so I settled for a cheesy drive-by shot.

Better than nothing I suppose. That sign photo didn’t make it into this round of ten photos though, oops. I snapped a total of 115 photos today so there will be several rounds of photos going up today and/or tomorrow. Tomorrow is back to work for me, blah! I’ve had such a blast getting to my new camera, suffice it to say I’m hooked!

Since purchasing the Nikon, I have almost completely stopped taking photos with the iPhone. It’s the ease with which I can take far better photos but one drawback is the Nikon doesn’t fit in my pocket! Our weather has been incredible lately, highs in the 70’s and 80’s with sun, sun and more sun. It’s a tough decision: stay here or move home to Michigan next summer?

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