New Test Photos: 70-300mm Lens

So this afternoon after getting some much needed shopping done for both clothes and grocery, I got out to Red Rock Canyon to give my new lens a good run. Love it, I’m able to reach out so much farther! I am certainly on that learning curve though. This camera will keep me busy learning for a good while.

I also reached out to one of my cousins back home in Michigan who’s mother, my aunt had recently passed. My father’s sister of course. He and I had a nice long chat about so many things, it was great to talk to him again. As children, he and I had a complete blast as kids growing up on the beautiful lake.

I’m off work tomorrow too, so I may come up with another photo option for you instead of the same old place, I ended these photos as test batch. I hesitate to go down to the Strip, too damn many nutters that act all stupid and can’t drive in Vegas traffic. I like my little car. I treat her well, she always gets me around town!

In the bottom of a couple photos you can see some shiny cars, but they are very tiny. And I’ve zoomed in a very long way too. This will give you a scale to see just how large these red rocks really are!

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    1. Thanks James, I was contemplating the move north next year but that’s not etched in stone. I would miss this place very much. Not too excited for the deep cold in winter.

    1. Oh yeah! I’m really enjoying having a real camera! I have a plan today for something different. I’ll have them up later today. Enjoying my day off!!

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