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I’ve had a schedule change at work recently which has altered my TV viewing schedule a bit. I have several really good movie channels as well as regular TV channels lined up from my cable provider which is Cox Cable. Recently, one of my old time favorites has been playing a bit more often called Dance With Me.

I must admit to simply adoring this movie with Vanessa Williams and Chayanne. I follow this man on Instagram. I don’t dance in any way. I totally suck ut at dancing yet this movie and the music in it is just so damned fantastic that I simply can’t resist watching it whenever it pops up on cable TV. Did I mention I have it on Disc too?

Sorry but the music and dancing scenes leave me feeling that the US has no real culture at all.

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  1. Not sure I’ve seen this one, so will add it to my watchlist. I love to watching dancing too. dirty dancing. Then there is that one with richard gere learning to dance… can’t remember the name. My son and I watched “City of Angels” again last night – his last night at home… Love that movie…

    1. Richard Gere is a great actor, not familiar with that movie – unless I see a short clip. Best wishes for your son. You will like this movie, the music and dance scenes are great, and it’s an older movie.

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