Mount Charleston One

So, this morning around 8:30 I headed north toward Mount Charleston for some photo ops from on high, and it’s still very high and very chilly up there! The lowest temperature I saw was only 59F but that’s so much cooler than the 85F it is outside just now. I snapped over two hundred photos, dragged them all onto the Mac and started chopping.

I ended up with just over forty photos, most were tossed for one or another specific reason. I want to upload only what I see as being the very best of the lot. Here are two unaltered images except for reducing the file size. I didn’t use any of the effects that are built into the D3300, these are straight from the lens.

It was really very nice to get out for a bit, and to be back up so high in the mountains again. My highest elevation noted on my iPhone and a specific application was a bit over 8800 foot. These two photos were snapped right around 8000 foot up, such a great view of the desert floor from nearly two miles up!

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