World Famous?

Maybe, maybe not but this little biker bar resides around 5000 foot above the valley floor near Las Vegas in the Spring Mountains range which is on the west side of Las Vegas. About 25 minutes from my humble abode. I stopped along the road where it tops and stops climbing to check the altitude.

Turns out, my iPhone came back with nearly the exact altitude on the sign along the road which indicated 5490 foot ASL. My little 4 cylinder car engine gets a bit wonky at this altitude or higher on Mount Charleston where it’s 9000 foot ASL. The car looses power and the transmission acts goofy too. Starved for oxygen as a human would.

Anyway, this is just a little honky tonk biker bar in the middle of no place really. But the mountains surrounding the place are beautiful to be surrounded by. Turning right out of this little road will take you northwest toward the metropolis known as Pahrump, Nevada. Not much to see there…

More to come.



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