New Photos From The D3300

I’m grateful to be off work today and tomorrow, this is the golden time of year here in terms of weather. Upper 70’s and almost nill clouds – golden! So I decided last night I was going to get out of my tiny abode and try to get some decent photos from the new Nikon D3300. I also purchased a nice Nikon bag for my shiny new camera.

These photos are straight from the camera, no alteration except reducing the file size which the application I use on the Mac Air, does not reduce the quality of the image in my view. I’ve spent plenty of time in the canyon today, comfy in the car just checking the many functions of this camera to familiarize myself with it.

I did read the entire manual the other day. It’s not as complex as it seemed at first. I have room to improve most certainly but I seem to be off to a good start. Having used my iPhone for so long, it’s been really nice having a camera that allows manual focusing and so much more. I need a different lens though, the kit lens is OK but…

It doesn’t have the zoom capability I want, nor can it seem to pull off a good Macro either. I don’t have one specific photography style but do seem to lean toward landscapes, especially here in the desert southwest and the beauty of our Mojave Desert. A High Desert. I’m considering heading up to Mount Charleston tomorrow. We’ll see!

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