Rare Selfie!

Rare selfie, and with new glasses too


I don’t do selfies generally. Why? There are accounts on Instagram that are nothing more than selfie accounts, very few of them are worth a follow. I find constant selfie photos to be a dead giveaway of a true Narcissist. No thanks! That said, I snapped this goofy photo a couple days back to send to my lovely daughter back home in Michigan.

Earlier today I was being lazy at work, setting on my ass chatting instead of working (just for a short time) and mentioned that I have had a battle with weight for some years now, and in the last six months, my density relative to gravity has increased a few poundages. Yay. Creating yet another dent in my self esteem!

i don’t see the weight coming off soon, so what to do? Stand in front of that mirror naked and accept that this is the body shape I’ll have when I’m dead? The weight isn’t good under any circumstance but having Type Two Diabetes and a heart issue certainly augments the issues. These are the cards I was dealt. I don’t play cards…

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  1. Hey … that’s a really great ‘selfie’! πŸ™‚ Love the new glasses and happy smile.

    The Canadian Thanksgiving is now … this weekend.

    Weight is a constant battle for many. I’m not sure whether it’s this province, or this city that’s on top of the obesity list in Canada. It’s sad to see …

    1. Thank you Rebekah, your so sweet!!! I could lose 40 pounds safely. My self esteem suffers… Wonder why obesity is so high in your province? Loss of jobs?

        1. That’s really bad. Fast food like BK and McDonalds are so cheap. No surprise everyone is so obese. Look at the price of good for you food in the grocery, way too high, It’s a conspiracy. A sickly population is easier to control.

        1. Actually I’ve not used it much between work and not wanting to get out and about after work. I’ll be off Sunday and Monday. Considering a couple options for photos. I may drive up to Mount Charleston. Great photo ops up there at 9000 foot! The mountain itself is 12,000 foot though.

          1. WOW! 9000 ft! The highest we have in the UK is about 4000 πŸ™ My camera is battered and bruised, and covered in mud – because it is out on the moors in all weathers wthout a cover. But it still takes great photos πŸ™‚ I look forward to seeing yours.

            1. I’d never let my camera get dirty! you can drive up to 9000, not sure if any roads in the area go higher. I’ll have to check on that. It’s really beautiful up there. The car engine acts a little weird from the air being thinner.

        1. thanks Eve. I’ll be alone here for Thanksgiving, no big deal though. I’d love to be with the family in Michigan but it’s not really possible.

          1. Oh, that’s too bad John. I got invited so I wasn’t alone for Thanksgiving, but I really hope you did have a wonderful holiday, had some good food and a well deserved rest! Wishing you all the best and a great week!

    1. I am actually considering that just now Lisa! That or boil up some baby carrots that need to be eaten. Looking for recipe for them. Thanks for the sweet comment!! ❀️

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