Photos From The D3300

Factoring in the fact that I am not a professional photographer, are these images any better than those from the iPhone? I used my usual precess method. The unaltered images weren’t any better than the altered ones in my opinion. I’m not very impressed at the moment with this camera but it’s entirely possible that it’s all user error that the images aren’t anything special. I went into RRC as usual for these test photos.






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        1. So then, why so little rain this Monsoon season?

          Sucks, we both need it so bad. I’ve seen so much Smoke Fog in Las Vegas recently from all the major firefighter fires. SUCKS.

      1. I get that … and I’m sitting here looking at two photos I took today of a fountain pen nib — one with the iPhone and one with the Nikon D7000. They’re both sharp and clear, but I’m sure professionals have some other way of judging the quality of them … I don’t know.

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