Nikon D3300

I’ve been threatening to purchase a new camera for a short while now, so here it is. I’d have preferred to purchase a Sony A7000 series but funding stated otherwise. I have taken a few test photos today but my Mac Air is still down for its new battery replacement which I hope to have home tomorrow.

Hence, I can’t upload any test images as I lack the proper adapters to transfer the images to my iPad Air.

I hope tomorrow will see some fresh photos from the new Nikon D3300 camera. I of course had to purchase the new camera within my budgetary limitations but I’ll tell you this, the camera is easily the best I’ve ever had and have read the entire manual already.

So, look for some hopefully better quality images to come here soon.

Im certainly not a pro photographer in any way but this latest camera opens doors for me that were never opened before. May I use it wisely!!






Its a good kit to start with and I have some optional lenses in mind as well as a proper carrier case and a tripod/monopod combo.

Looking Up

This was a photo looking up a pole toward the sun block in Summerlin. I didn’t like it much so I played with it in iColorama. It became a nice looking abstract!