That Glow…

I am compelled to again apologize to my regular readers, I so appreciate you! These images are just the same stuff as recent posts but this morning’s view was such a beautiful glow. The mountain in the distance is Frenchman. Should you have sat in the car with me, Frenchman would have appeared twice the size at minimum, that this photo reveals. Stupid iPhone eh? I hope that later this month I will be able to purchase a much better camera.

But that glow, so golden and beautiful as our local star 93 million miles away rises in the eastern sky. If you live on the east coast of the States, Las Vegas is three hours behind you, so this view shows what the sky looked like around 6:15AM local in Las Vegas this day. I hope to bring you better photos in the near future, along with my pompous ass opinions on random stuff. I hope that in time to come, I will be sharing new photos with you from home in my native Michigan.

All photos are unaltered except for file size reduction, from my iPhone SE


In the parking lot


At the intersect


On Summerlin Parkway east


And soon to be on the 95 south then the 15 north

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      1. Vegas looks a nice place – I wouldn’t bother too much with ‘The Strip’ and the casinos, but those mountains and the desert are superb – I could probably live there 🙂

        1. The Strip can be exciting only so many times. I’ve not been down there in almost a year except having to cross it to get to someplace on the east side of it. Too many nutters!! ?

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