It’s Great To Be Single!

So this morning at work I popped out one of the many outer doors that let you out of the many hallways of this monstrous building and almost walked into a 26 foot truck with car in tow. After a little small talk I found out they were moving up to Vegas from the Phoenix area. The man was nice, his four little children were not. I can’t imagine why little children would be cranky after a six hour ride in a cramped car or loud, obnoxious truck.

I noticed mom has another one in the oven too. I thought wow dude, you’ve bought the entire deal. you could never afford all the child support she would want! Hey, I paid child support for 14 years and never missed a payment so I’m safe being snarky about this subject. The hubs was the only person working on unloading the truck. I dare say there are about three hundred pounds of shit they don’t really need coming off that truck.

Working upstairs and near them, I could hear the wife yelling at the children and being rather nasty to her husband. I’m not eavesdropping, the wall vents allow all the noise outside to come in, including the crotch rocket motorcycles on the road out front, dead man riding. There was also a copious quantity of paper, documents, lids and covers and various candy wrappers blowing all around the area, we have another wind storm in progress.

So, what is my point aye? I did the family thing, my babies are grown up these days. I am recently divorced for the third and final time, I assure you. Some of us are meant to remain single. Seeing and hearing the goings on with this young family today reminded me of those days so many years ago and I can say with full confidence at this time in my life that I am incredibly happy to be a single man again. Life is simple today. Life is much happier.

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  1. Bachelor since 1984. I think “weekend girlfriend” is ideal. Paid child support for 2 years then got custody of son and daughter. Be careful what you wish for. One of my first reactions was to consider changing their names to Suspect # 1 and Suspect # 2. Enjoyed the read here. You are not alone.

    1. Thanks Carl. Was my third and final marriage. We grew apart, wanted different things in the future. Now I’m much happier. Paid child support for 14 years too.

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