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I’m looking for something worthy of my time on the toob tonight. I find multiple channels where humans are either shooting up and killing each other or some strange alien from where ever. But on no channel can I find a programme that speaks about love, peace, charity and in general, the good in us and Godly living.

So then, ask yourself why there is so much violence in our society, hatred between the races and the fact that the United States houses more inmates than any country on Earth. This is the net result of societies that turn their back on the living God. Satan has run rampant for decades and has blinded so many to the truth of God.

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  1. I used to love Touched by an Angel. Almost every episode had me crying (in a good way). Not much on the old tv that isn’t dark in some way that is true. I will admit to watching way too much TV though.

    1. I remember that show! I too watch too much toob but their isn’t much else for me to do. Need a trip somewhere! People come here for a holiday, us locals want out…

                    1. i never liked Battlestar Gallactica. A week or two back, BBC America played every episode of the original series, it was great to see them again. Now, the BBC is running them on Friday afternoon and evenings. But I watch the 1980’s series Star Trek TNG during the weekdays.

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