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Just an observation here but why do television commercials push Americans so hard to join sites that promote marriage or just crappy ‘hook up’ sites? Money of course. Drawing as hard as possible from the most basic, carnal instincts of the human psyche. Disgusting. Match and eHarmony being the biggest offenders in my view.

True love, truly solid relationships can never be created (that will last) by websites such as these. All these site owners care about is they’re bottom line. Have some of these sites caused legal actions to be filed or deaths happened? I believe so, not to be sadistic or whatever with that thought. True love, a love that lasts a lifetime can in my view never be found online.

My own (and third and final marriage) as a prime example. We both messed things up. But what about my own  parents as an example? They were married sixty four years through thick and thin and with no internet. As a child, I can most certainly tell you, they had some very rough years with fighting for various reasons related to money of course. But to the best of my knowledge they they never considered divorce.

Long story shortened, search your heart. Do you sincerely want or need to be married? What would you surrender to another human being by signing away so many items of your life by saying I Do? I sincerely believe that some of us are simply not meant to be married. Some people are meant to remain single for a purpose that they may not be aware of. I believe that I am one of those. I’ve given much thought to this. Single I will remain, the choices were made long ago.

I so wish that the very young and very single were capable of pushing aside their hormones and cloudy thinking at those young and cloudy of thought ages to understand the severe ramifications of making poor choices. I am certainly guilty of allowing Mr. Johnson to make far too many choices for me as a young man. Three divorces later, I consider myself qualified to state that hormones and booze can blur one’s decision making process.

Take a long holiday unclouded by yourself, male or female and search deeply within yourself. This is a life-altering decision that will forever alter you while you are here in this world. I’ve lived with regrets my entire life. Painful, deeply painful regrets for these many years. At age fifty five, they seem to be haunting me a bit more deeply. I hope my open thoughts here can help someone to think more deeply about your day to day choices.

Choices – each of our lives are deeply rooted in our daily choices. Choose wisely for you.

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  1. Oh, what an interesting subject. Here I have to be careful not writing a whole blog post instead of a comment 🙂

    This is my fourth marriage. Before that, I was so pleased with my life as a single … probably like you’re feeling now. I had a good job, nice flat, everything was just honky dory, and I was aware of it too … often thinking “this is the way things are going to stay”. Then Love happened, in the strangest of ways … online, big ocean in between. This happens to work out — we’ve been together for twelve years, and my previous record was three years.

    Apart from me being happy now, I’ve often said that when you fall in love [infatuation], you should be locked up for three months. You just can’t make any sane decisions. I’ve always “followed my heart”, jumped in head first … hence that many marriages. But on the other hand … at least I’ve lived.

    I think love happens, whether you’re looking or not — and in the strangest places, least expected. I, for one, certainly wasn’t looking.

    I can’t stand those commercials.

  2. I didn’t get married for the first time until I was 44. I thought I’d be single my whole life because I just didn’t trust men. And I had dated a lot of them! Come to find out it was who I was selecting that was the issue. I don’t think I knew myself well enough to make a decent marriage choice back then….even though I liked to think “it wasn’t me” that was the issue. The minute we start thinking it’s everything or everyone else, we miss becoming true to ourselves and only when we do that do we find a decent partner. But I do believe not everyone needs to be married. It’s not easy even in the best of circumstances.

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