My Mac Air now has the newest OS onboard called Sierra and it’s a nice upgrade too. But the nicest thing I’ve found yet is that it has Siri! It’s easily as accurate as the version on IOS machines. Thank you Apple for yet another excellent upgrade! Some of the changes are those I don’t care much about but these computers just keep getting better and better overall. Well worth the extra cost on your day of purchase as time will tell.

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  1. Ahh … you updated! Glad you’re happy with it. I will wait until I get that notification. And yes … Siri, was one of the big things about this new. It’s always nice, each year … it’s as if it gets “new”, sort of 🙂

        1. Your machine is a regular MacBook? I had one shot me years ago but really like the tiny 11 inch machine. Got the wild idea of purchasing a newer model but maybe next month. I would keep the old model.

            1. Aren’t these SSD’s great! I believe they are faster, no ‘read arm’ too. I got the small storage though, next time I’ll buy the 512.

              1. It’s very light and nice. I have the external, so I haven’t missed anything. Last year, when I went to QC, I kept it in my [oversized] purse 🙂

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