Accidental Wonka


Last night I was channel surfing as usual when my camera captured the TV. Kind of a neat photo as it’s sort of abstract. Thanks, Mr. Wonka. So, I’m off work today through Monday thanks to one of my coworkers needing a couple extra days off next week. I’ll take it! I have a serious case of couch potato today, made it to the grocery but don’t feel like cleaning the apartment or car yet.

Add some butter to this potato. 

The last few days my brain has been drifting toward the future here in Las Vegas. It’s a ‘caught in the middle’ situation for me. I’ve been far happier now that I’m a single man again, my time is mine. No ties or anything else but lonely? Yes indeed it is but I’ve lived alone by choice for many years of my life. My marriage and divorce being behind now, certain things have become clearer.

The marriage had gone stale.

We both grew apart from each other in different ways and I can say with perfect clarity that we wanted different things for the years to come. She is married to her medical field job which is certainly OK. I’m ready to retire and technically could right now but until I sort out what I’m going to do with living here or heading back home to Michigan, I’m sort of caught in the middle. I like Las Vegas, love the climate and beauty here.

I despise the traffic in Las Vegas.

And that is my single gripe. The idea of returning to the bitter cold winters and dangerous winter driving is a big turnoff for me. And strangely, it got down to sixty degrees overnight and I had the damn heater on in the car! Seventy degrees actually feels chilly to me! I’d have a tough go of it moving back up north. I’m apparently fully acclimated to life in the Mojave Desert. I will give me the time needed to decide.

But for the moment, my life is very stable and I’ve got a dandy little place to live and a job I like. Life is all about the choices isn’t it… I choose to remain single for the remainder of my days.

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