It’s Finally Here

Note to self – don’t be cheap, pay for the faster shipping! It took almost a full week for this little multi-band radio to make the hop from Chicago to Las Vegas. What a load! So, I’ll get busy loading the memory channels later tonight and over the next few days. My primary reason for purchasing this radio is for it’s Shortwave frequencies capability.

Those are most active at night so during the day, it’s a bit useless unless you want to listen to the AM band which is also far better at night. There are so many features available on this little gem, too many to list here! Hopefully my next gem will arrive before this weekend, I got two weekends off in a row, yeah! The unboxing – the last photo is a bit dingy… Read about this radio.





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  1. You waited one week … imagine me then, when I order stuff from the States! I’m still waiting for a shipment from Virginia. It left September 4th. Normally it doesn’t take THAT long [something’s gone wrong there], but still … it has to go through the border processing and yada yada … It’s so annoying. Once you’ve made up your mind to buy something, you’d want it right away. All this online shopping has taught me “patience” LOL

    1. It shouldn’t take a week for a small package to get from Chicago to Vegas, even at the cheapest rate. The border will slow your item some but why that long!

    1. Aww thank you so much Eva! I am already enjoying this so much in spite of having to always turn the TV off because of it’s noise it makes on the radio. Hope you are doing so well. ❤️ X

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