Leaving RRC

When heading East on Charleston Boulevard and leaving this portion of Red Rock Canyon, this view will greet you. This is the western edge of a large neighborhood. Out of view and behind me to my left are the remains of where a developer attempted to expand this residential area. I may be in complete error in saying this but if I recall correctly, this is where legal challenges were filed some years ago to halt the expansion of the greedy developers’ assault on beautiful Red Rock Canyon. Since I’m not a native, this is just a best guess by me.

In any case, the image isn’t all that great but it’s clearly apparent that there is a quick end to the housing developments. For this I am happy. As an outsider, I have supposed that the real beauty of this place may possibly be more apparent than to one whom has lived here an entire lifetime. Or not of course. I would never, ever be open to the idea of a developer destroying Canada Crick Ranch (a huge woodlands area in northern lower Michigan). The same applies to this beautiful canyon and environs. So, here you see ‘the end’ of natural beauty, and the start of the city.


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