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During one of my many random web surfing expeditions I came across a local article on how video footage has become a serious tool used by our Las Vegas Metro Police to find, track and pop criminals both on the Strip and elsewhere in the valley. That’s all great and groovy and I’m all for that. Of course myself and millions more around the planet have thought that this is yet another dandy tool for any government to use against it’s own citizens.

What a hot topic this is! I can’t possibly list all of the crap I’ve read here tonight on this page but it speaks volumes about how the world I grew up in has so very much vanished. My biggest worry back in the early seventies was waiting for the school bus on a frozen ass Michigan winter morning. Or an afternoon. We occasionally grabbed the bumper of the bus to let it drag us home much faster as long as the road was covered by thick snow.

Today, students apparently worry more about not being popped for destroying county property and feel safer because of the video cameras installed in many public school buses. Really? May I suggest that in some part, this issue could be solved at home within the confines of a student’s own residence accompanied by parents whom actually give a rats ass about the future of said child? These children have never known a world without this technology. Rotary telephones? Eh?

I personally don’t give a shit about the cameras. I’m an honest person with no criminal record. I look right at the bloody things and smile. No worries! I seriously don’t fear these cams, anywhere. Only criminals would fear them. Below is a tiny snippet of text from one of my local so-called news stations:

“I think children act better on buses when they know” there are cameras, Reynolds said. “Kids like to damage seats. We’d much rather put money into schools than tape to fix seats.”

Seriously? Again I say that this shit can be repaired by parents who actually give a shit about the success of the child. I work in North Las Vegas, an economically depressed area of this city as are so many in other US cities nation wide. I see this crap first hand and it sucks. So many fine minds going to waste. But it’s of course all about the almighty American dollar. Example – our tax money is squandered on war and the killing of innocent humans worldwide in my personal perspective.

Don’t deny it, it happens. And on God knows how many other stupid government programs. What about the average American? Tax money wasted. As much as I love Science Fiction, the space programme is a serious waste of American taxpayer money. What about the average American, regardless of race, ethnicity or skin colour? Who is in charge in Washington?

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  1. This may sound so sexist, but when women entered the workforce, more and more were not at home raising their children. I think it contributes to the demise of the family and how children are raised….not to mention all the materialism and ability to see so much negativity in the world. I think it feeds on itself and embeds in children’s minds. They see things on TV that no child should see. They stay up late and play on their computers. Where has all the family time gone? So sad.

    1. Great comment, Laura. Not sexist in my view in any way, rather very truthful. Technology is a great tool but as a Christian I see the technology as a great tool for the evil one as well. Children are not supervised correctly at all today it seems, hence they see so much violence, sex, hate, racism. And they gain weight. in my day we were outside from the crack of dawn until the street lights popped on.

        1. i have a question for you Laura – several months ago you purchased a new camera that you really love. Was that a Sony? I am considering a new camera to add to my iPhone.

          1. Hi John. 🙂 Yes it’s a Sony A7. That’s the first mirrorless full frame and probably the cheapest. If you don’t care about full frame, I would go with the Fuji crop sensor. They are really good mirrorless cameras as well. I wouldn’t bother with a DSLR at this point with all these fabulous mirrorless cameras! Let me know which one you end up with.

  2. Surveillance is a huge subject, with so many aspects. When watching shows on TV, I get the impression that England has taken it a step further with their CCTV. Just finished watching a series called Shetland. Even out there … on those remote islands … they had CCTV everywhere. Good for crime solvers.

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