Strip View

Well, sort of. This is heading south on the fifteen freeway at Lake Mead Blvd. I was heading home from work late today and I really dislike working weekends! But hey, I’m doing what needs to be done. Hmmmph. At least I’m off two days this coming week. The photo is untouched except to reduce the file size.

I’ve been thinking about the future. I so hope I’ll be able to head beck home to Michigan next July, I seriously don’t want to renew my apartment lease next summer. I follow several Michigan-based accounts on Instagram and at times it’s a bit difficult to see the beautiful photos from so many places around the state including the Yooper.

Vegas is a great place. I love the valley, so many beautiful places I can visit at any time. The people here are generally friendly but not as friendly as my native Michiganders by a bit. People here really don’t seem to like it when this Yank strikes up a random, friendly conversation, all small talk of course. Hey, I just like to BS with people!

It’s tough being totally alone in a city of two million. My employers (a couple) and coworkers are the closest thing I’ve got to friends here, hence when I;m at work or out and about, it’s just nice to have someone to talk to, especially if they speak fluid English as I do. So many Spanish speakers here!

God holds the reigns. I pray that next year will bring me home to my beloved Mitten State. Some ask why I’d want to move back. Simple. In spite of the shitty economy and having perhaps just three decent weather months per year, Michigan is my home and my heartland. I miss the overcast skies. It’s too sunny here. I miss the cold. I miss snow flakes and beautiful snow covered forests on an early and bitterly cold morning. I’m gonna stop here.


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