So after work today I headed for a favorite taco shop for some early lunch. Arriving, I noticed this recent deposit presumably made by a local who didn’t want to pay the fee at the dump. I find it so terribly unfortunate that Las Vegas with it’s beauty in the mountains, open desert and beautiful canyon country, must deal with the same lousy urban decay as any other big city in the States.

It’s a very strange juxtaposition to look south of this location and see the world famous Vegas Strip. A symbol of such extreme wealth, side by side with so much urban decay that characterizes the city of North Las Vegas. I’m not attempting to slight the city, rather just show a side of Vegas that people on holiday will likely never see. In this sense, Las Vegas is just like any other big city.





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  1. Even before we moved to Las Vegas, we knew that North Vegas is a tough place. I only work there fortunately. Another example is on one side of the road you see a very run down apartment complex covered in spray paint, and the roof tiles literally gone yet folks live there. Directly across from there you will see a large neighborhood which is enclosed by high fences and the guard gate is one you don’t want to mess with – it’s military family housing for Nellis AF Base.

    I’m not trying to tear down the city, it’s just so heart breaking to see so many people suffering such poverty. Again today I gave a beggar some money. The other day I gave a woman who asked me for money on the way into the restaurant nothing. While in there, I ordered some extra food and gave it to her. She was happy. Messed up town man, so much wealth, so much poverty.

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