Sun Rays This Morning!

I hope my regulars aren’t tired of John’s ride to work sky photos! This morning’s offering was too beautiful to pass by. Of course they are even better in person but my little iPhone does a good job. All I’ve done to these two images is gently enhance the color and gently sharpen them.


In other news, my job demands I be certified mechanically and otherwise, checking over periodically some of the rental trucks and vans that are rented by the general public. The reason being so stressed by the company is that these units are used by families and the general public. They absolutely must be safe and sound for the journey. Perfectly logical.

I have been studying online for this certification test for a couple weeks now, and have made three hands-on trial run tests at work. That has paid off for me today by having passed my Level Two certification. Yeah! This will open other doors down the road, perhaps but new employees must be certified to do certain jobs anyway.

I was hired as a cleaning person, that doesn’t mean I am a maid service. I fill many positions but also must do a variety of functions within the company as well which includes cleaning trucks and also cleaning the buildings. It’s good honest work. I like the job and work with some nutters but they are good folks to work with. All that said, I raise my cold plastic water bottle to toast my ass for a good days work haha!!

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