Advertising On Instagram?

I still have yet to see an advertisement anywhere around Instagram and fear the day they will show up. Of course they are all over Facebook which I believe owns Instagram. Why do the best social platforms have to be ruined by human lust for the almighty dollar? Oh advertising, let me tell you the many ways I strongly despise you!

I got the idea for this post whilst surfing the web for a particular thought on the idea of Minimalist website designs. I didn’t even use the word Instagram in my search parameter either yet Google kept returning results for Instagram. Whatever. Do you like my site in it’s all-white look, or did you like the Blue them better?

Not that the world really gives a shit about my Insty account but I guarantee you that when ads invade my Instagram account, I will delete every image one by one and lastly delete the account. I pay WordPress the extra money once per year to keep advertising the hell off my website. Capitalism is great but also exposes the greed in the human mind….


No Blood Pops

I’m overdue by one year for a Diabetic Eye Exam, since I’ve got the cash in the bank to handle this just now I’m all over it, It’s much too important to overlook. Gladly, my new eye doctor has cleared me of any broken blood vessels inside my eye sockets, made much more important since my recent visit to my GP who stated that my BP is much too high, and is now under control.

Long story short, my old eyeball prescription is out of date after three plus years. I’ve decided to at this point in life, change the style of my eye glass frames from thin to a bit thicker, and have opted for a mostly circular frame shape, one I feel secure fits the shape of my head. I’ll post a before and after photo in a week or so. Life is a circle that never stops rotation… xxoo