Desert Rain

Taken early this day waiting to start work. I love the relaxing sounds…

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        1. I love the Monsoons here, we need the rain as badly as Caly does. Poor Lake Mead is waaay below safe levels which affects Caly and Vegas in a very bad way. I keep hoping for the rains to open up, so beautiful to see. Bad side is that Vegas gets so many terrible Flash Floods and people make the bad decision to cross flooded roads. Not cool…

            1. Driving to work yesterday, it was raining really hard. The scary thing that I see is that these roads get so little rain that when it does rain, the roads become super slick. People down south aren’t as skilled at driving on slick roads as we Yanks.

    1. Yes! I was chatting with my employer outside before signing in for my shift. We acknowledged how sweet the cooler air felt this day. It was still in the lower eighties but consider our morning lows in the summer. 80’s are so cool to us. I found a patch of upper 70’s on the freeway and the windows down this morning on the freeway at about 75 MPH. It felt cold and I actually got a little CHILL!!

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