An Apple & A Yaesu

Here is a photo I had a bit of fun with this afternoon using Nik and PhotoScape X on the Mac Air. I have a mount from a Selfie Stick, that properly holds my iPhone atop the new mini tripod I purchased a couple days back. The tripod also directly connects to any camera with the threaded bottom. I’m very happy with this great tripod.

The little radio to the left of the camera is an Amateur (Ham) VHF/UHF Radio which has a very wide receiver range but can transmit within two FCC allocated frequency ranges known as the Two Meter and Seventy Centimeter bands. This is not a high-dollar hand held transceiver. There are many models and manufactures today which build these hand held radios with cheaper costs or very much higher price ranges.

An FCC government issued license is required to transmit with these radios regardless of the tiny size. These radios can transmit directly to each other, or to mobile radios mounted in cars. They can also transmit through a repeater system which greatly increases the communications range. I’ve been a licensed Amateur (I don’t like the term at all) since 1992 and have been keen to keep my license up to date as needed. Visit Yaesu Radio.


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