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I purchased a new camera and mini tripod this morning, a Canon ELPH 190 IS. It’s just a Point – and – Shoot mini. This is among the first photos from it, not too bad for such a small and inexpensive camera. It links up via WiFi to my cloud storage which is handy dandy but the transfer rate when uploading to my cloud service is a bit slow.

It certainly lacks the fun applications that the iPhone has too but it’s handy for shooting video with the mini tripod I purchased. I’ll post some photos of it with the iPhone later.


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  1. It looks like a good quality photo.

    I’m getting increasingly fed up with the weight and bulkiness of the DSLR. Weren’t it for the birds and wildlife I love to shoot … I think I’d go for something smaller/lighter. One I could carry in my purse …

    1. I understand your issue there Rebekah. I’d like to have a better quality camera but then I’m not going pro soon haha. I just became a bit tired of not having another option for photos. At the same time, the iPhone does a fantastic job. I suppose in time these Point And Shoot cams will disappear considering the technology in phone cameras today. They will only improve in time to come. Your DSLR takes fantastic photos, those beautiful bird photos remembered. ❤️

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