Chili, Not Chilly!

Chili. I love chili. Chili is not only for cold weather, contrary to popular belief. You don’t need to be a native of northern climates like me to love chili, chili is delicious any time of year. Chili is delicious anywhere! Chili is delicious any time of the year, and in any state of our union. Chili is delicious in any Canadian Province too I am sure.

This is the first batch I’ve made in at least three years since leaving my beautiful homeland in Michigan behind. I’ve thought about whipping up a batch a few times but not done it until now. As you can see by the photo, this batch is lacking. I didn’t purchase enough diced tomatoes and possibly too many beans. I’m gonna fart tonight!

I’ve made countless batches of chili over the years, this is my first effort in a long time and I’m gonna challenge myself to make new batches over the next few weeks to try and hone my chili skills! I have stirred this current slow cooker pot a few times today, I believe a slow cooker is the best way to obtain the best flavor. The flavor I want just isn’t there yet but my apartment sure smells so edible! Yum!


It doesn’t look so good yet, this is before it got hot!

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  1. Chili is good, and I wish it was chilly. It’s one of those things that’s actually FUN to cook (I’m not into cooking, but I like to eat!). You can make it so personal — just like meat sauce.

    1. Yeah! It’s funny to Google this, there must be ten million versions of this simple meal, each one lovingly tended to by it’s chef. No two batches I’ve ever made exactly the same. I used to have a PDF that contained the specific ingredients for all of the big companies like Wendy’s and such.

      So good to hear from you Rebekah. Things are going really well here, very much enjoying my freedom. โค๏ธ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

        1. Yes, Swedish-Canadian! Yesterday was actually nice! Even though it was 27ยบC, there was NO humidity, so it was just a nice warm day where you didn’t had to feel all sticky and wet like a trout. Today we’re back with the mugginess though … bleck.

          1. Sorry about your humidity. Stop over, it’s dry as a desert here! I hesitated to call you Canadian as you are Swedish, but now equal parts I suppose. Do you have legal citizenship in the Dominion yet?

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