The Dynamics Of The Job

They just keep changing. I’ve been at this new job perhaps three weeks, maybe less and I find it amazing how things change when you get to know your fellow employees and your boss(es). My bosses are an unmarried couple who’ve been together for seven years and conduct themselves as though they have been married those seven years.

They live together in the same building as they work, and where I work. The woman asked me today, as she does with all new hires, how I like the job and all it’s different duties. I explained to her that I like the jobs I do although I was surprised when I was asked to learn some of the Front Desk duties. That wasn’t part of my job application.

I felt a bit as though I’d been slammed with the old Bait And Switch trick but didn’t tell her that.

i did tell her that I do like working solo, I get more work done that way and and can be more productive. I am a grunt, I’ve done physical labor work most of my life and to be honest, I am a slow learner. Hands-on training is always best for me but I learn stuff like the Front Desk thing slowly. No disrespect intended toward me!

I did tell her that I was somewhat dismayed when she would occasionally sort of blow up in front of the customers and new employees. So unprofessional. She was upset with her better half. Such a no-no in any business. She asked for my thoughts, I responded in my usual bloody honest manner. Be careful, you may get what you ask for.

I do like the job but I believe this company has far too many rules, and we are made to take multiple tests and watch what must be two dozen videos. All a part of the mandatory training for the job. I believe that this process is at least partly to cover the asses of the company should an employee make a seriously bad decision at work.

I get it… They are correct to protect the company. But I find the tests are too many and actually counter productive in my view as I’ve had to spend far too much time taking these tests and watching the videos. I have tried hard to get through the training and tests but it’s very difficult to do when this understaffed location I’m at has to continually pull me away from testing to do so many other needed daily processes.

I really hope this nonsense will change soon. Each individual location receives only so much budget money, based on the monthly profits earned by that location. This location isn’t performing well and has not done well for a good while, hence the place is understaffed. It’s a vicious cycle, governed by corporate America. Sound familiar? If these managers continue to under-perform, I see my job as going away. Well, no more sweating by bum off anyway…

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