Gassy Gamblers

This is a very common sight in many fueling stations in Las Vegas. Of course in my home state of Michigan this is not commonplace. It took me a while to adjust to seeing this going on in so many stations and at our lovely local McCarran International. Right from the get-go, those nasty one armed bandits claim the tourists money. I never gamble… Click the pic.


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  1. I smiled at the outrage of the slot machines being at the gas station. One becomes conditioned in even visiting Vegas a few times that theyare absolutely everywhere. Harder to find a spot that doesn’t have them!

    1. So correct! And it’s such a dirty nasty way to make a living. So gross. My job doesn’t pay much but it’s a darn legitimate way to earn your paycheck.

    1. I stopped at a 7-11 this morning on the way in to work, a man was setting down at a machine. I seriously wanted to walk over to him and ask for his money instead of letting that thief take his cash. I’ll put the money in my tank or the grocery. What a scam!

    1. I agree but this is Vegas. Gambling is everywhere. There are lots of small gambling chains too. One is called Dottys. They have small casinos everywhere.

      1. Wow, I never imagined. I’ve spent quite a bit of time in the US but came across very little gambling, except when I stayed in a hotel that was super cheap due to being mainly for casino patrons. That was in Arizona. To have it shoved down one’s throat by having it in a petrol station seems unfortunate to me.

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