Interesting Goings On In Storage

Yesterday I was doing some cleaning in the storage building when I found a couple odd things you’d not think to see in a storage building. Walking one of the many hallways (which have over eight hundred units total) I came across an old woman sleeping in a chair, her storage unit fully open and some of her belongings surrounding her.

Not something you expect. The world may never know. Also, my district manager was doing a lock count, walking up and down the hallways and came across this great looking bong setting on the cement in the hall. Hmmmm. Really? Who ever owned the bong isn’t too smart.

Finger prints you know.

She left the bong there and later asked me to move it to the dumpster, which is near the front of the showroom. Basically in full view of the public. I fetched the bong and headed for the dumpster. There were a couple clients in their units doing whatever, I had to go into stealth mode. I slipped quietly down another hallway.

Coming to an opening which I would be visible to them, I concealed the bong as best I could and zipped quickly past the opening. Success! Now, to get that stinky thing to the dumpster without being seen. Success! I went back into the showroom where both my bosses were and reported the bong was in the trash.

We all agreed that it may not be a good thing to have an employee spotted walking along with a big glass bong in hand! It was good for a few laughs anyway. Too bad though, it was a dandy bong. But then again, I gave up herb  smoking over ten years ago!! Gladly. Maybe the old woman was toking the bong and fell asleep?


This is not my bong!!

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    1. Oh yeah, about an hour later she came strolling down the parking lot, inside the security fencing. Every day it’s another bunch of smirks, chuckles and giggles with the people that come in the showroom. North Las Vegas is not the place you want to live! It’s the roughest toughest area in the valley.

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