Beat Tired

droopy-barksBeing so out of shape, my new job is really whooping on my chubby old bum. I’d say my weight needs to go down approximately twenty pounds. Sucks man. It’s just not fair how easy it is to add those pounds yet so damned difficult to remove them. Oh Lord, why are we built this way!! Some of my work is indoor, some outdoor.

Purified water is readily available and so cold it almost hurts to swallow it, just the way I love it! That really helps bring down the core temperature. I get through the day, hell or high water but I’ll be happy as a flea on a puppy when our mid summer heat goes away. Anyway, I hope this fatigue will go away in a couple weeks or so. Uhg.  Image source

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    1. It’s tough to deal with, gladly it’s not that way all year. My job is partially outdoor, some inside the office where it’s air conditioned. The outdoor portion is working inside the storage units where there’s no A/C, just Swamp Coolers.

    1. Thanks Emily. I’m back to chowing water and baby carrots with 1000 island dressing. The dressing isn’t so healthy but the carrots are no fat, low carbs. And a bit of protein here and there. I must be my heaviest ever right now and it seriously bothers me in public. And health wise. Jumped in the apartment complex pool this afternoon, nothing will stop me from getting in that fabulously warm water. I love your kitty, so darn spoiled!!

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