Just A Matter Of Time…

Call me an old fart, whatever. I grew up with dogs, and to this very moment my best friend forever, Candy, passed away from a spinal infection. Candy knew when the family was going to go for a boat ride. That magic word Boat was always the key sound that sent her toward the boat house at full steam. We grew up on a beautiful lake in Michigan. Best days of my life as I’ve said before. Long story made shorter, deep down I do love dogs.

In my current life situation, a pet of any kind really isn’t a good fit. That’s life. The other day in the building directly next to mine, an Einstein level individual saw fit to leave their dog locked up in one room with the window open and a box fan sucking HOT air into the room. Are you bloody kidding? I was at least 104 degrees yesterday. Did this brilliant individual consider the heat being drawn into the room, not expelling it as much as possible?

Was the dog provided enough fresh water and food to last from the morning until six PM or so?

I was angry, both from the constant barking and whining but also because of the pure ignorance that this moron owner has displayed. I considered calling the Animal Division of Metro. Instead, I stopped one of the men who are crew here in my complex. Anonymously, I reported this moron. Since, the fan is gone, the window closed. It is my hope that Metro has removed the dog to a safe location where it will be treated in a human manor.

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