Sunken Bobbers

I’m out of options for content today, no new photo or video material so I dug deep into my gray matter and pulled these thoughts up from the depths of the ages of my time on planet Earth. Kind of a funny but bad thing I did as a pre-teen… Especially to my mother.


I grew up on a beautiful lake in southern lower Michigan and I can say with full confidence these were the best days of my life. The years 1968 through 1977 were truly my good old days. As a very young man I got hooked on boats and marine propulsion systems. I spent many happy days on the lake goofing around.

One particular day I hopped into our aluminum John Boat, a flat bottom row boat with a slanted bow. I would usually use the electric fishing motor and a car battery to power it and putter all over the lake, so much fun! I made the stupid choice to snag every red and white fishing bobber my mother owned, she was an avid fisherman and would stay on the dock half the night catching fish.

Honestly, I still have no idea why I did this…

I used a long piece of fishing line and attached a bobber every so many foot then dropped the bobber on the surface. The anchor I used, what ever it was, gradually pulled each bobber underwater. Eventually the bobbers would vanish from sight in the darkness of the lake. And would become gradually more visible as they would get closer to the surface. It’s just so weird! I never got any of them back. Mother was not happy with her son!

I guess you could say I was a lil’ bastard Bart Simpson in the early 70’s… heh

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