Stop Peeping!


I’ve been in my little apartment for most of a month now and like it. I’ve lived the apartment life in years past but the worst experience I had was my own damn fault. Having lots of parties with your best buddies frequently eventually got me evicted. That was the early 1980’s. So long ago. These days I am exactly the opposite.

I want peace and quiet, as much as can be reasonably expected from your neighbors. I have decent neighbors, two very nice black ladies across from me, and a young couple above who are shacking up. Naughty! They have two dogs which make the apartment into a rumpus room at times. They are small dogs, I don’t mind them.

The dog’s hoomans are the issue. They stomp about at times and (sometimes) at about 5:15 every morning. That doesn’t really bug me either, I usually sleep through that crap. I met them briefly, just once. They seem like nice folks. The young gal never peeps. My window is rather close to the sidewalk, it’s the guy who peeps.

Almost every bloody time he walks by my window, he looks directly into my apartment. It’s freaking rude dude! I make it my purpose to not look into others apartments while walking through the complex. It’s a matter of simple respect. It makes me angry that he does this, but it will never cause me to confront him.

That crap will almost surely escalate things. My solution? Close the blinds, for good. That sucks but I see it as the only viable solution to a situation created by strangers who were apparently never taught to have basic respect for other people. There are other windows to open for light. Perhaps it’s because I was born in 1960 and come from what I see as a better, vanished time.

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  1. I have a solution, I think. You can buy a film in DIY shops that sticks to the window that means you can see out but no one can see in. Same stuff they use on cars but you can install it yourself. It also stops the room overheating.

  2. Only once have I lived in an apartment like that … where they could look in. I ended up doing the same thing, turned the blinds, and didn’t stay there for a long time. I’ve usually ended up in apartments on the top floor … without even looking for them.

    It could be total thoughtlessness on the guy’s part.

    «Naughty» … was that because they’re not married?!

    1. Yeah, they are bad people for shacking up! I never did that hahaha!! Just kidding. He has to be thinking about doing it as it happens consistently. Sometimes I’m not fully dressed either…

      1. 😆@ the shacking up! I lived “in sin” for almost twelve years, before he decided to make an honest woman out of me. LOL …

        It sounds weird, I must say that. I wouldn’t like to live like that … I didn’t like it the six months I had an apartment like that. Met a guy in a bar, during that time, he knew my name out of the blue … turned out he’d been reading on my mailbox there. First I got blinds (didn’t have that at first), and it was only the kitchen window that was affected. Eventually, I moved, but not because of that.

  3. I do the exact same thing at my complex. I look straight ahead and never look into windows. The thing is, even when my gaze is diverted to a window (usually by a dog or a cat) I can’t see into the apartment anyway. The glare is always too strong. But I look away immediately because I never want anyone to think I’m trying to look into someone’s space. I also turn my car lights off before turning into a space that faces someone’s patio door. Honestly, I find that people are so wrapped up in their own lives (I am also guilty of this) that most of the time they don’t think about common courtesies.

    1. Wonderful comment, thank you!! That’s super nice that you shut off the headlamps before turning into your space. I usually back into my spot which is under a metal canopy. That steel roof over the car makes a major difference here.

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