Jack In The Box

The other day I hit Jack In The Box, a burger joint I very rarely stop at. Maybe never until recently as my blood glucose was crashing and I needed food straight away. It’s a different burger -n- fries compared to BK or Mickey Dees. I ordered two plain burgers, nothing else and waited about four or so minutes for my deluxe snack.

I opted to eat-in since it would be a bit before my meds would be ready next door. I listened for my order number to be called whilst scanning my website and Instagram. Gmail too. My number was called. I walked to the counter to retrieve my lunch, two plain burgers. Setting at my counter spot, I unwrapped my food, two plain burgers.

They were plain. A thin slice of meat encased in a top and bottom piece of bun. Plain.

OK, should someone be released from employment here?? (of course not, people make mistakes)

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